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A day with the Mellow Fantastic

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We Got in the car at 5:30 am to drive south from Topanga Cyn to San Onofre. A little surf town just north of San Diego. It’s also the home to the famous “Boobs” San Onofre Power Plant. We are Meeting with Paz, Farielle, Chelsea and Pandora. Together they are a Mellow fantastic.


We arrived at Old Man’s Break and spotted the yellow short bus that Paz uses as her main mode of transport and sometimestour bus for her band “The Entrance Band”. We spotted her atop the bus filming as the other girls surfed the cold So cal morning waves. She called out their names as she spotted them in the line up.

As the girls started fall in to the beach, the story we drove 2 hours for started to come together in my mind. This was an eclectic group of young girls from different parts of the world that have some how found their way to each other … and the energy around the camp was intensely positive and full of creativity.

At this point We decided it would be a good idea to go sample what the ocean had to offer and we suited up and joined the girls for a surf. We spent about 45 minutes in the water and decided to come in and get to work. We wanted the story..

We made ourselves comfortable on the blankets they had laid out on the beach and started to get to know the girls. Pandora was eating cold oatmeal with rice milk and was so excited about how good it was she scooped some up in her spoon and asked me to have some. Trying to figure out how to politely refuse there was a few seconds of uncomfortable silence before everyone broke out into laughter. At this point I could not refuse the offer.. It was pretty damn good. I guess this was a consistent diet for the girls during their travels through the coast of California.

Paz is a L.A. local born in Argentina and somewhat of a prodigy of super creative and artistic up bringing in Idyll-wild California. She is also the bassist for the Entrance Band. Pandora is from France and is a Roxy sponsored surfer. Farielle is also from France and grew up with a family that has a love for Surfing and grew up Surfing until moving to Paris. She has recently found her love for the lifestyle again while at the same time creating her own interpretation of Surf films. Chelsea is an Aussie who family are hardcore surfers. She grew up going on surf safari with her dad and camping out where the waves broke best on any given day.

We decided we would head back to Paz’s house to begin our interview and photoshoot with the girls. We stopped for coffee first and I noticed that the girls sparked everyones curiosity wherever they went. The people in the cafe felt compelled to talk and learn more about the girls… they just had something about them, you know.

We arrived at Paz’s and went on the tour. It was an amazing space that totally encompassed the creative and beach lifestyle. We sat down with the girls as Paz prepared food for the after surf hunger. We jumped into it with the girls and it was “Mellow Fantastic”. We got some great footage of the girls being them and shared some great laughs! We look forward to sharing there adventure with you when the story drops in a few weeks. As we prepared to leave Pandora, Chelsea and Farielle also packed up there van to head north to Santa Cruz to see what adventures await them.

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Rat Boy~

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Metal Apocalypse~

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