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Axiom Contemporary and Michael Torquato deNicola present
TORQUATO LOVES YOU BABY’s first solo exhibition
2801 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Torquato Loves You Baby, an exhibition of work by contemporary artist Torquato, presented by AXIOM
CONTEMPORARY celebrated its successful 3 week run with a reception to benefit Stoked Mentoring. The
exhibition, unveiled on March 23, 2012, has featured new works based on deNicola’s now unattainable
series from the 2012 Los Angeles Art Show.

This evolving collection, based on deNicola’s iconic ‘Torquato’ character, has created a cult following in
both the art and surfing world, and continues to inspire countless fans as deNicola develops ‘Torquato’s’

Described as an ‘action-hero’ by the artist, the Torquato emblem is a symbol of strength and love.
Inspired by the great graffiti artists of our time, as well as flavors of superstar contemporary artists Sam Francis and Jasper Johns, each individual work emotes a vibration of its own. Colors collide with
spontaneous moments of fluidity, juxtaposed with jagged carvings, like a fin through a foaming street
wave. Spraypaint, oil and ink breathe in and out. In the middle stands our hero, ever ready to conquer,
reassure, and embrace. Torquato loves you, baby…

Michael Torquato deNicola grew up making sense of the world through surfing and art. Born and raised in
Orange County, California, he has never lived far from the ocean. After starting surfing at the age of 12,he was on the US national team by age 19. A professional surfer, photographer, and award winning
documentary filmmaker, Michael rides the waves, and connects the dots in all forms. This is his first solo exhibition.

Limited edition shirts and commemorative posters will be available for purchase during Thursday evening’s closing reception. Proceeds of sales from both the show and apparel will go to Stoked Mentoring, an organization that promotes personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to underserved youth through action sports culture.








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