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The Art of Nonconformity: Steve Olson’s new gallery opening Hangin’

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Ever walked into an art show that challenged your intellectual, analytical and productive mind? Steve Olson’s art does just that. When you see it for the first time, it creates images of subtle forces that question the constraints of creative potential, meaningful work, unlocking untapped resources and breaking away from traditional everyday hierarchies.

As I walked into Hangin’, Olson’s new short-run art exhibition at Known Gallery in Los Angeles, I was immediately inhabited by the inquisitions and ingenuity of his talent, transformations, personal forces, powerful motivation and instincts with personal courage for risk-taking. As I studied each art piece in the gallery that was filled beyond capacity, I tried to comprehend the far thinking greatness of each piece. His latest artwork struck me as deeply influential and does empower, impact and create results that each buyer desires through basic rational, individual reflections, striking within each individual a connectedness making sense of each situation. He’s harnessed an invisible force within himself that influences his prolific inner talents which leads him to create art that has never been done his way.

At the same time, he possesses the great essence of human potential that captures his sensitivity and vision. It drives him with the individualism to be a nonconformist. And he’s continually pushing beyond the now and creating unusual, thought-provoking ideas.

Photos — imani lanier

Story — Western Civ Team

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