• Hole Shots

    Chip Morton applies his unique photographic eye to the world of motocross.

    Story and Images — Chip Morton

    I've been riding bikes since I was about 12. It was a natural that when I started shooting photos that I would shoot bikes. But it really wasn't until about six years ago that I shot racing with a sort of look that interested me. I'll usually try to go to a couple of the west coast rounds of the National Motocross or Supercross series. Dirt Rider and Racer X have been kind enough to run some of my stuff in the past. I also was featured in Shots magazine in their "Portfolio" issue, #110. (Shots is a member supported journal of fine art black and white photography) I really try to shoot differently because I want to show motocross in a certain way; a way that seems to reflect its raw, brutal nature but at the same time is somewhat poetic. Sort of like a savage monster that kicks your ass, steals your wallet and then runs off with your girlfriend and then buys you a drink with your own money. My personal bikes are a well used and flogged 1994 Honda CBR-600F2 and a Kawasaki KX500. That fudging 500 is a handful!!!! I still get out and race the occasional SRA GP. Lots of fun!! Remember, you don't get too old to ride bikes. Rather, you get old when you stop riding!

    Sean Hamblin
    Glen Helen
  • Glen Helen National MX, 2008
  • Dean Wilson, Pala National MX 2011
  • Kyle Lewis, Glen Helen National MX 2007
  • Tyler Evans, San Diego Supercross 2006
  • Kevin Windham, Glen Helen National MX 2007
  • Richie Owens, Glen Helen National MX 2006
  • Pala National MX 2011
  • Third turn chaos, 450 class, Pala National MX 2011
  • James Stewart, Hangtown National MX 2007
  • Tunnel, San Diego Supercross 2007

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