• Fast Times

    Blazing the streets with the Hollywood High Kids.

    Story and Images — Scott HK

    This photo essay is about my friends and skating. Friends I grew up with, friends I’ve made recently, and so on...

    I don’t skate anymore but I push my board around sometimes. When I think I miss it, I go to a skate park. Then I see all the seven-year-old kids doing noseblunts on handrails. That shit is mad discouraging yo. I don’t think I ever did a noseblunt. Besides I’d rather sit down and take some pics.

  • Norman

    Norman, the fool with the dreads is my boy, my best homie! I’ve known him since I was 13. We hung out all night the first night I met him. We skated Hollywood Blvd. all night, avoiding going home. It was typical teenage shit. Norman ate a pocket bible some Christians were passing out in front of me that night. I was like, “Whoa, I wanna be like this dude.” I never ate a bible though. He’s the sickest skater I know, and he rides for War Co Skateboards, Monster Energy Drink, and some other shit. I don’t know. That fool can skate. And he’s a sick musician who can play sitar...I think. I know he has a broken one at home.

  • Andrew

    Andrew is my tall, longhaired Filipino homie. I haven’t known him as long as I’ve known Norm, but he’s the shit. He’s always got some shit going on. He’s always creating music, clothes, art, and all kinds of shit. We did a bunch of blow one night a long time ago and he ripped up all my friend’s porn magazines and made a huge porn collage. I don’t even know if he remembers that shit. I do. That shit was funny as fuck! All the bitches love Andrew. He’s always got some broad with him, after him, or crying over him.

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan is an old homie as well. I watched him and his brother grow up. He has this little crew of homies that he skates with and they are sick as fuck on a board. I used to skate better then all of ‘em at one point. Then I stopped giving a shit about skateboarding. Next thing you know, this kid is crooking handrails doing 270s out of the crook. I was like “WTF!” He’s sick as fuck on a board. And he’s just a cool ass kid to chill with.

  • Paul

    Paul is 100% Mexican. It says so on his chest. He likes to skate and get fucked up.  Really fucked up! He also rides for War Co with Norm. That’s how I met him. A few years ago, Norm took me down to San Diego for the annual ASR trade show. That shit is an excuse for a bunch of skater kids to get fucked up and bang pro-hos (aka skate groupies). Norm and I met Paul down there. All I remember is getting fucking hammered, getting thrown out of a few bars, pissing off my friends and eating carne asada fries. Ha! Paul and a few of us went to this bar and got some beers. Paul was so fucked up on promethazine (that’s codeine, cough syrup, purple drink, lean) that he fell asleep inside his beer. Literally. He was face down asleep in his beer. I think one of us tried taking it from under his mug. But like a true rager he woke up and slammed the beer.

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