Shift S3ctor race club puts the pedal to the metal.

    Story & Images — Ward Robinson

    Twenty-two-year-old Ryan Fisher has been racing cars that he’s worked on for years. “My parents think it was a gene from my grandfather, who was a car guy too.” Fisher started saving to buy his first car at 9. At 14, he and his dad split the cost of a ’55 Chevy, which they modded and flipped for a profit. By 18, he had bought, sold and saved enough to get a used Corvette C5 Z06. He built, blew and supercharged the C5 until it had 730 horsepower. “I just wanted to be the fastest, the loudest, the top dog. It never ended.”

    Last summer, he met up with a group of men in their thirties and forties who spent late nights racing their heavily modded Porsches, Lamborghinis and GT-Rs on semirural stretches of the Orange County freeway. He liked the competition they threw at his Corvette, but was leery of the illegal nature of the late night races. So he and his partner Jason Huang decided to organize a legal track-racing day for themselves and their new friends. They called the event Shift S3ctor and kept it to a maximum of 50 cars so that everyone would get a lot of track time. “We just try to offer as much as we can because we are the guys going to the track days too. We just ask ourselves what we would want more of. in a race.” The recipe is working, they sold out the first event and have five more planned for 2012, including one at a private airstrip later this month.

    These photos are a record of the first Shift S3ctor track day at Willow Springs Raceway in Palmdale, California this past November. The day consisted of half ¼-mile roll runs and half road course.

  • — Erik and Paul’s AMG C63S

  • — Casey Wallace's GT-R modded to 600 bhp

  • (Left to right)— 2012 900 bhp GT-R, Alex’s 600 bhp 2012 GT-R, Casey’s 2010 GT-R

  • — Brandon’s 700 bhp 2008 GT2

  • — Erik French’s modded 550 bhp C63 AMG

  • — Kaylon’s self-modded 160 bhp BMW

  • — Brandon’s 700 bhp 2008 GT2

  • Learn more at shift-s3ctor.com

    — Craig Stanton’s Merc CLK Black Series Evosport