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~R.I.P. Adam Yauch — of The Beastie Boys Dies at 47~

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Adam Yauch, better known to some as MCA of the Brooklyn rap group The Beastie Boys, passed away today after a long battle with cancer, reports Mr. Yauch was a founding member of the group, along with Mike D (Michael Diamond), Mix Master Mike (Michael Schwartz), and Ad Roc(Adam Horovitz).

Mr. Yauch’s cancer was first diagnosed in 2009, with a tumor in his Parotid gland in his neck, and was reported in The New York Times after he created a video for his fans with the announcement. Mr. Yauch was also a noted film producer, gaining recognition with his company Oscilloscope Laboratories, which distributed such films as Burma VJ, about the uprisings in Myanmar.

He is survived by his wife and band-mates.

The Beastie Boys have to be one of my biggest inspirations growing up here in L.A. . Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Skateboarding and Art was encompassed by this group and spoke to a generation of kids trying to find an outlet. Thank You Adam for being a great influence on the culture and a great role model for the kids. R.I.P.

Imani Lanier Publisher WesternCiv Mag.

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~Western Civ visits Inspiration Vol. 3 at the Queen Mary~

Western Civ took a drive down to the LBC earlier this month to checkout the Inspiration Trade Show, hosted by our old friend Rin Tanaka. Originally Rin began the show at the Santa Monica Airport hangers. Last year he moved the event to Long Beach…Housed  within the Queen Mary.

The show brings together a rather eclectic group of collectors, artisans and Americana manufacturers from Japan, Italy, France, South America and of course the good ol’ U.S. of A. . Inspiration is three floors of Vintage collector items, re-issue military goods, New and vintage motorcycle, surf, skate and Hot Rod products. A big kids dream!!!

Western Civ trolled the 3 floors meeting new people who love to ride.. and caught up with old friends who share the same passion for the culture that we do. The images here are just a small percentage of the color and creativity we found at the show. Thank You Rin for inviting us down to partake in the festivities…


Photo’s by: Imani Lanier

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~Quicksilver’s 585 Boardriders in Venice~

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The new 585 Boardriders shop in Venice ( Located at 585 North Venice Blvd ) is a great example of where “Ride Culture” is headed these days. The Quicksilver owned and operated retail experience showcases a gallery space that currently is exhibiting the photography of Venice Local Ken Block. The space is split into a ride specific experience with sections dedicated to Surf, Skate, Fixed gear bicycles, apparel and shoes.

It is a wide open space that previously was Sammy’s Camera west. The space is beautifully designed with a lot of natural lighting, plants, colorful ride inspired product throughout, a screening area for ride inspired film debuts, A small skate session area for the locals to enjoy and a beautiful mural on the side of the building inspired by local artist.

If you have a chance stop by and say hello… The staff is friendly and really define the culture.

Photo’s and story by : Imani Lanier

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~Jackson Browne headed a hootenanny at Mollusk~

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Jackson Browne headed a hootenanny at Mollusk Surf Shop in Venice Beach Sunday night. Among the participants were Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Benton Trench (Tom Petty). Much of the Venice surf community was there enjoying the tunes. Westernv Civ spotted Jon Rose and Mike Piscitelli in the crowd among many others.

Photo’s and Text by: Ward Robinson ( WesternCiv Magazine )

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~C.R. Stecyk film ” Fin ” Debut February 8th at H Space.

Film to Debut at Hurley’s H Space Galleries in Costa Mesa, Bali, & Japan

COSTA MESA, CA – January 12, 2012 – Hurley has announced that they will partner with iconic artist C.R. Stecyk III to debut his new short film FIN on February 8th at Hurley’s H Space Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. Taking inspiration from the film, Hurley is also creating a limited-edition printables collection featuring art and photography captured during the film’s creation.

“Stecyk is both a celebrated chronicler of the art, surf and skate cultures as well as a longtime friend to the Hurley brand. When he told us of his plans for the film, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work together to bring his vision to life,” states Jason Maloney, Hurley’s Director of Art.

FIN, the first installment in an evolutionary series of digital film shorts, details Stecyk’s method of working with a wide variety of creative minds in the Southern California region over the past 40 years. Some of these noteworthy characters include Von Dutch, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Evel Knievel, Dave Sweet, Julian Ness, Tom Blake, Dale Velzy, Tyler Hatzikian, Scott Anderson, Mitch Abshere, Scotty Stopnik, Mike Ness and Roland Sands. The featured soundtrack is also a nod to West Coast visionaries, with Social Distortion, Breakdown, Tommy Guerrero and Steve Alba and the Powerflex 5 contributing to the project.

“FIN investigates artisan garage culture. It will offer insights into an assortment of individuals who incorporate traditional do-it-yourself garage methodology into differing pursuits such as traditional modified vehicles, surfboards, skateboards, art, music and communications,” states Stecyk.

The subsequent printables collection will feature a series of 4 t-shirts showcasing exclusive artwork and still photography captured during the making of FIN. The printables collection will be available for purchase beginning January 25th on in conjunction with the film’s Costa Mesa debut on February 8th. The film will then travel to Hurley’s additional H Space galleries in Bali, Tokyo and beyond for international premieres.

C.R. Stecyk III is an artist/curator who has participated in over three hundred international art exhibitions. As a longtime chronicler of the California scene he has written for a variety of publications and authored a number of books, and catalogues dealing with contemporary culture. Stecyk was also the production designer and co-writer of the documentary film Dogtown and Z Boys which won major awards at Sundance and other festivals.

“Hurley is a company based on inclusion,” says chairman and founder Bob Hurley. This philosophy applied to Bob Hurley’s early years as a Huntington Beach shaper, working with friends alongside the world’s best athletes to make a better surfboard. It applied to the company’s launch in 1999, when Hurley decided to start a brand that was a true microphone for youth. In 2002, Hurley was acquired by Nike — the largest and most influential sporting brand in the world. Inclusion remains a guiding principle of the company today, where innovative products like Phantom Boardshorts and game-changing events like the US Open of Surfing continue to redefine what is possible in our world. Hurley headquarters are in Costa Mesa, CA with international offices in Sydney, Tokyo, Barcelona and Bali.

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~Turin Carrozzeria~

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The Turin Carrozzeria celebrated her 81st birthday in 2000 and was presented at the Turin Motor Show , the Stola S81 , one only 1.13 meters high flounder in the spirit of the Lancia Stratos . Uncompromisingly designed by none other than Marcello Gandini . The fluorescent red paint is a direct homage to the Lancia Stratos HF Prototype from 1971. Super cool and Beautifully presented – or rather staged – at the Turin Automobile Museum.

The updated S81 is now surprisingly modern and has barely aged.

Find the complete tour of the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile her here .

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~HAROSHI x DLX x HUF Exhibition Recap~

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Combining three partners with a strong interest in skate, the HAROSHI x DLX x HUF exhibition took place in Los Angeles over the weekend with an amazing reception. Japanese artist HAROSHI created six works of art from skateboard decks, crafting the tool for movement into a stunning array of repurposed objects and appendages. With a photographer on hand, Hypebeast was able to capture the groundbreaking collaboration as well as the good time had by all.

Photography: Brandon Shigeta/Hypebeast

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~Audi Q3 Vail Concept~

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While at the Detroit Auto Show, Audi has finally pulled the cover back on its latest marvel of German engineering; the Q3 Vail Concept. Until now, the U.S. market has only had access to the Q7 SUV, and its smaller Q5 counterpart. Featuring aluminum underbody guard plates, additional lighting options, 20-inch wheels, and a rugged, lower body off-road trim, the Q3 Vail (named after a certain Colorado ski town of the same name) is designed as a nimble wintersport crossover with the U.S. market exclusively in mind. True to Audi form, the Q3 Vail is hardly a slouch under the hood either, where 314 horsepower and a punchy 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder will happily go from zero to sixty in just over 5 seconds. How’s that for beating powder-day traffic up the canyon?

Source: Autoblog

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~HUF x Haroshi x DLX // Opening Ceremony //~

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HUF has brought together Bay Area skate distributor DLX and Tokyo-based artist Haroshi for what is shaping up to be a very interesting collaboration when it is released in LA on Jan 7th.

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~The Business of Fashion: Inside Supreme – Anatomy of a Global Streetwear Cult Part 1 ~

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The Business of Fashion re-printed a previous article on behalf of 032c magazine and Alex Hawgood which spoke about one of fashion’s most influential brands – Supreme. Despite its roots as skateboard brand, the New York institution has undoubtedly grown to a scale that reaches far beyond any restrictions that may have accompanied the brand during its start. Vertical fashion expansion to include collaborations from different perspectives including suiting with Adam Kimmel as well as horizontal expansion outside of fashion with Bad Brains, Miles Davis, Murakami, Koons and Hirst make the brand something unclassifiable. Its this execution and ability to carefully maneuver among the best that has given the brand so much respect and clout as it continues to inspire the past, present and forseeable future.

View part 1 in its entirety here with an excerpt seen below.

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