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Flashback Pop: Guy Peellaert’s wild ride through the ’60s.

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Belgians like everything bold: steak and frites, black Trappist beers, and even their fashion designers (look no further than the grizzlied Walter Van Beirendonck) are evidence of that fact. So it should be no surprise then when it came to ’60s Pop Art and Psychedelia, Belgians too painted with a heavy hand. And the late Guy Peellaert (1934 – 2008) was no exception.

Eschewing fragile the Warholian Jackie Os, kitsch Lichtensteins or even the traipsing psychedelic bohemia of Peter Max, Peellaert preferred to draw the absurd adventures of lofty comic book Amazons. In a mix of Fellini meets Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, his gargantuan women kidnapped you by the scruff of your cafe racer scarf and whisked you away on the back of their speeding chopper.

For Pravda (the comic, not the Soviet daily), he modeled his heroine after sultry Yé-yé chanteuse Françoise Hardy. Likewise, Sylvie Vartan was his inspiration for his Adventures of Jodelle. Peellaert, along with contemporaries Guido Crepax (Valentina) and Jean-Claude Forest (Barbarella) set the tone for Europe’s recently sexually liberated ’60s (recently re-dubbed “The Sex-ties”).

For better or for worse, Peelleart entered the ’70s armed with only that decade’s weapon of choice, the airbrush. During his second phase, he churned out two of his most well known works including the baroque coffee table effort Rock Dreams, and the beastly iconic cover of David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.


While it would be tragic to imagine that he rode his airbrush into obscurity, his ’60s work has recently been enjoying a revival. Shortly before Peellaert’s demise, graphic/music jackmaster of all trades, Trevor Jackson (a.k.a. Playgroup) christened the cover of his acidic Make It Happen with Peellaert’s trademark Pop femmes. And recently Fantagraphics, home to Love & Rockets, Eightball, Acme Novelty Library and Robert Crumb, announced plans of a re-release (and re-mastering) of Pravda and Jodelle this fall. Guy, it seems, rides again.



David J Weissberg/Western Civ



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~C.R. Stecyk film ” Fin ” Debut February 8th at H Space.

Film to Debut at Hurley’s H Space Galleries in Costa Mesa, Bali, & Japan

COSTA MESA, CA – January 12, 2012 – Hurley has announced that they will partner with iconic artist C.R. Stecyk III to debut his new short film FIN on February 8th at Hurley’s H Space Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. Taking inspiration from the film, Hurley is also creating a limited-edition printables collection featuring art and photography captured during the film’s creation.

“Stecyk is both a celebrated chronicler of the art, surf and skate cultures as well as a longtime friend to the Hurley brand. When he told us of his plans for the film, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work together to bring his vision to life,” states Jason Maloney, Hurley’s Director of Art.

FIN, the first installment in an evolutionary series of digital film shorts, details Stecyk’s method of working with a wide variety of creative minds in the Southern California region over the past 40 years. Some of these noteworthy characters include Von Dutch, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Evel Knievel, Dave Sweet, Julian Ness, Tom Blake, Dale Velzy, Tyler Hatzikian, Scott Anderson, Mitch Abshere, Scotty Stopnik, Mike Ness and Roland Sands. The featured soundtrack is also a nod to West Coast visionaries, with Social Distortion, Breakdown, Tommy Guerrero and Steve Alba and the Powerflex 5 contributing to the project.

“FIN investigates artisan garage culture. It will offer insights into an assortment of individuals who incorporate traditional do-it-yourself garage methodology into differing pursuits such as traditional modified vehicles, surfboards, skateboards, art, music and communications,” states Stecyk.

The subsequent printables collection will feature a series of 4 t-shirts showcasing exclusive artwork and still photography captured during the making of FIN. The printables collection will be available for purchase beginning January 25th on in conjunction with the film’s Costa Mesa debut on February 8th. The film will then travel to Hurley’s additional H Space galleries in Bali, Tokyo and beyond for international premieres.

C.R. Stecyk III is an artist/curator who has participated in over three hundred international art exhibitions. As a longtime chronicler of the California scene he has written for a variety of publications and authored a number of books, and catalogues dealing with contemporary culture. Stecyk was also the production designer and co-writer of the documentary film Dogtown and Z Boys which won major awards at Sundance and other festivals.

“Hurley is a company based on inclusion,” says chairman and founder Bob Hurley. This philosophy applied to Bob Hurley’s early years as a Huntington Beach shaper, working with friends alongside the world’s best athletes to make a better surfboard. It applied to the company’s launch in 1999, when Hurley decided to start a brand that was a true microphone for youth. In 2002, Hurley was acquired by Nike — the largest and most influential sporting brand in the world. Inclusion remains a guiding principle of the company today, where innovative products like Phantom Boardshorts and game-changing events like the US Open of Surfing continue to redefine what is possible in our world. Hurley headquarters are in Costa Mesa, CA with international offices in Sydney, Tokyo, Barcelona and Bali.

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~Brit Iron Rebels~

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~Rock ‘n Cycles 1975 Yamaha Surfbike~

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~2011BUB-Motorcycle-Speed by Scooter Grubb.~

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Found at 8negro

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~Vincent Black Prince at Bonhams Las Vegas~

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~Sunday BBQ at Power Plant Choppers~

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Got the call and headed over to Power Plant this Sunday to partake in some good ol’ fashion BBQ and Beers with the Crew . It was all family and all good. A great way to end the weekend… An assortment of Choppers and hot rods filled the alley and Love was in the air. Thanks Yaniv for inviting us down and Happy Birthday to YA!!!

Checkout the pics and for more info on Power Plant click Here

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~Fuel TV – Deus Ex Machina by Deus Customs~

Interview with the founder of Deus and his concept of bringing together Surf and Moto. I could not have said it better!! Great piece..

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~The Pilot~

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