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~ VVMC 2012 ~

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Western Civ stopped by the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club’s  5th annual rally after enjoying a ride with them up the PCH and back. More classic iron and steel than you can shake a stick at showed up and it was truly amazing to see everyone’s machines on the road and on display.


Club Parking only



This 1971 Triumph has had one owner for 40 years. 


A beast of a Honda


The only pre-unit Bonneville at the event was in gorgeous shape.



Ran into Western Civ friends Gregroy Westbrooke and…

Nick Fouquet of Westbrooke Maker hat company

Handmade in Venice and worth your dimes.



Looks vintage, but really electric


Looks vintage, is really old.



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~Born Free 4~

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I went to my first Born Free this year. As a rookie, it was pretty overwhelming. There were so many amazing bikes I nearly didn’t make it out of the parking lot. So many cool ideas and so much detailed craftsmanship. I saw a few friends, met some new ones and was in a blur of spectacle the whole day. Here are my impressions, shot from my obviously snowblind perspective. Next year I will have a better game plan but for now…..enjoy.


Kosuke of Sunrise Cycles. I saw Kosuke when I first walked in and my head was in full spin mode. I did a crap job of capturing his bikes that he brought, but they were brilliant. See some of them in the upcoming profile on Kosuke soon to drop on these pages.

Droopy, Trav and fellow legends

Dugan and a couple of his bikes

Yaniv Evan of Powerplant and Andy Carter from Pangea Speed SLC

Ryan (@3gknuck)’s mind-bending Davilina Shovel 

Actual conversation, “Oh yeah I’m all about going to stranger’s houses”

No words.

Paul Ponkow of Bones Legacy and Dan Druff of Franz and Grubb with Satyricorn, a rigid front end Triumph custom

Epic biblical engraving on knuckle
This pretty pan was one of the Cycle Zombies’ many offerings
It was a long weekend
Team Sunrise loading ‘em up.
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~R.I.P. Adam Yauch — of The Beastie Boys Dies at 47~

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Adam Yauch, better known to some as MCA of the Brooklyn rap group The Beastie Boys, passed away today after a long battle with cancer, reports Mr. Yauch was a founding member of the group, along with Mike D (Michael Diamond), Mix Master Mike (Michael Schwartz), and Ad Roc(Adam Horovitz).

Mr. Yauch’s cancer was first diagnosed in 2009, with a tumor in his Parotid gland in his neck, and was reported in The New York Times after he created a video for his fans with the announcement. Mr. Yauch was also a noted film producer, gaining recognition with his company Oscilloscope Laboratories, which distributed such films as Burma VJ, about the uprisings in Myanmar.

He is survived by his wife and band-mates.

The Beastie Boys have to be one of my biggest inspirations growing up here in L.A. . Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Skateboarding and Art was encompassed by this group and spoke to a generation of kids trying to find an outlet. Thank You Adam for being a great influence on the culture and a great role model for the kids. R.I.P.

Imani Lanier Publisher WesternCiv Mag.

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~Primo Ep.01//SullyLife by David Sullivan~

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Rob Primo Episode 1. Watch as Rob Narrates how the first Pro-Am event of 2012 with back up music courtesy of his 2JZ powered S14

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~Kate Upton- Cat Daddy~

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This is CLASSICK!!!!

Kate Upton demonstrates the “Cat Daddy”.
directed by Terry Richardson

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~Pedal Mobbin Crew’s Official Team Video~

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Emortal Clothing and Rod have shared their Pedal Mobbin’ Crew team video with us…. Check out the local LA kids having some fun on two wheels.

See more Pedal Mobbin’ at: PedalMobbin’

Put on your headphones, crank up that volume, and get down with EMORTAL’s Pedal Mobbin Crew! This is what happens when streetwear meets fixed gear freestyle. L.A. based EMORTAL Clothing mobbed the streets of Los Angeles to document their trick team the Pedal Mobbin Crew. Their diversity, characters, enthusiasm, & persistence of the PM Crew are what inspire the brand to keep on going and never give up. It’s not about being the best or going the biggest. It’s about style, having fun, to be unique, being you, never giving up & doing what you love. The true meaning of being an Extraordinary MORTAL.
Pedal Mobbin Team: Dylan “Fish&Chips” Hurst-Lawley, Christian Ustarroz, Kendall Cooper, Yerson Varela, & Collin Cox

Pedal Mobbin Crew Manager- Malik Mack

Video Shot & Edited by RawdLikeSushi

Animation by Jacob Valentin

EMORTAL- Staying Sharp from L.A. to Tokyo since 1997!

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~Jay Howell @ Secret Headquarters~

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Jay will be releasing a new zine at this opening.
It’s a 10 inch tall x 40 inch long foldout zine.
One side is the book pages from the show, and the other side is a really long Creep Club drawing.
Limited to 200 copies.
*There will be 21 new framed book pages available at the opening.
Come say hi and have a beer with me.
Street Dog will be there, so that’s pretty cool.

Checkout Jay’s amazing work below and visit his site’s for even more cool work: and

More: and

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~GoPro HD: Backdoor with Sunny Garcia and Kalani Robb~

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~ Skating and college_Insight with Walker Ryan Part 1of2 ~

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Ride Channel

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Axiom Contemporary and Michael Torquato deNicola present
TORQUATO LOVES YOU BABY’s first solo exhibition
2801 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Torquato Loves You Baby, an exhibition of work by contemporary artist Torquato, presented by AXIOM
CONTEMPORARY celebrated its successful 3 week run with a reception to benefit Stoked Mentoring. The
exhibition, unveiled on March 23, 2012, has featured new works based on deNicola’s now unattainable
series from the 2012 Los Angeles Art Show.

This evolving collection, based on deNicola’s iconic ‘Torquato’ character, has created a cult following in
both the art and surfing world, and continues to inspire countless fans as deNicola develops ‘Torquato’s’

Described as an ‘action-hero’ by the artist, the Torquato emblem is a symbol of strength and love.
Inspired by the great graffiti artists of our time, as well as flavors of superstar contemporary artists Sam Francis and Jasper Johns, each individual work emotes a vibration of its own. Colors collide with
spontaneous moments of fluidity, juxtaposed with jagged carvings, like a fin through a foaming street
wave. Spraypaint, oil and ink breathe in and out. In the middle stands our hero, ever ready to conquer,
reassure, and embrace. Torquato loves you, baby…

Michael Torquato deNicola grew up making sense of the world through surfing and art. Born and raised in
Orange County, California, he has never lived far from the ocean. After starting surfing at the age of 12,he was on the US national team by age 19. A professional surfer, photographer, and award winning
documentary filmmaker, Michael rides the waves, and connects the dots in all forms. This is his first solo exhibition.

Limited edition shirts and commemorative posters will be available for purchase during Thursday evening’s closing reception. Proceeds of sales from both the show and apparel will go to Stoked Mentoring, an organization that promotes personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to underserved youth through action sports culture.








More Info @:

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