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Chopper Fever – from Kosuke at Sunrise Cycles

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Kosuke has killed it again, with the launch of a new clothing line called Chopper Fever.

Follow the link to their lookbook and get some.

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~Kate Upton- Cat Daddy~

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This is CLASSICK!!!!

Kate Upton demonstrates the “Cat Daddy”.
directed by Terry Richardson

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~Paul Smith for Harrods – Pop Up Bike Shop ~

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Fancy London retailer Harrods has teamed with fancy British designer Paul Smith for a two-month pop up cycling shop on the fifth floor of the renowned department store. Three products are featured: Rapha + Paul Smith jerseys, printed t-shirts and made-to-order bikes form Condor, Brompton, Merican and Paris. Paul Smith grew up cycling and raced at the Breeston Cycling Club, and inside the back pocket of each jersey you will find a picture from Paul along with a quote about cycling. Well-heeled cyclists rejoice. (psfk)

Found at:selectism

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~Dylan Rieder by Russell Houghten~

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Dylan Rieder. Filmed and Edited by Additional filming by Greg Hunt, Cody Green and Colin Evans. Music by Dirt Dress – “Transmissions”

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If you haven’t been to the Vans Santa Monica store recently, you won’t recognize it. One of Vans’ earliest stores, the 4th and Broadway location dates back to the early 70s when a young Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Wes Humpston stopped by to get their first waffle soles. Join them this Sunday at 1 pm to meet three skateboard legends for autographs and Vans swag.
Vans Santa Monica
400 W. Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
The new Vans store carries a large selection of Vans favorites: Classics, the upscale California Collection, our surf footwear and a plenty of clothing for both the guys and girls all in a fresh, renovated space with a boutique feel that reflects Santa Monica’s skate/surf heritage.

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~ Greg Noll Full Length by Billabong USA~

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~Jeff Yokoyama – InnerViews by

Jeff Yokoyama is a twenty-five year veteran designer and creative entrepreneur who has spent his entire career dreaming up and creating youth-focused clothing brands. In 1980, he created Maui & Sons and began selling it directly to local surfers and kids on beaches and in schools, changing the rules of the game immediately. The operation moved from the trunk of his car into a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. He has gone on to start various other brands including Pirate Surf, Modern Amusement, Generic Youth and Pidgin Orange as well as consulting for other top name brands such as Stussy and Quiksilver.
Jeff’s style has always been recognizable and his design talent has remained in high demand throughout the industry and throughout the years. Now, he continues to keep the creative juices flowing by make one-off clothes out of left over materials in his small shop in Orange County, Yokishop.
Check out Jeff’s Maker profile on Korduroy at
James Campbell
Connie Price & The Keystones
©2012 KorduroyTV

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~ Best Bike Rental (backstage) Commercial fragments of the best bike rental ever. by Stason bros.~

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~NYC’s Nomadic Skater by Alice An~

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Someone I knew once said “You know you have made your mark when they make fun of you on Saturday Night Live.”

It’s true, when something flies seemingly from the fringes of obscurity into the spotlight and becomes entrenched in the popular consciousness; so much so that it molecules of it begin to meld with the mainstream, pieces of it become integrated into the everyday. It becomes part of the language that we all speak.

This is true of style, of fashion. It’s true, the dominant mode of dress for people who live the culture comes from a visual language that was formed in Los Angeles and Hawaii. But here on the East Coast, a variation on that language exists as we have evolved our own point of view on free living.

What was born from this new language is what you might see on fashion icons and on runways. I mean… did Michael Jackson really ride motorcycles? And yet, when you think of him at the height of his glory, what is he wearing?

I think this was best expressed by our friend Josh Rosen of Saturdays NYC in a recent interview I did.

He said:

“Because we are in New York, and because we are New York kids, we had to gear our clothing and our everything towards more of what we are into, which is maybe a little bit more modern– not modern but more progressive fashion-wise. We don’t wear the traditional surf gear, so the clothing has to represent our aesthetic, the way we dress, and as we design our clothing, as we build our brand we always keep that in mind. What we [at Saturdays] take from surfing is really more the 50’s, 60’s style. Which is a little cleaner, [comprised of] tighter silhouettes, just a generally more sophisticated feeling. Like right at the kind of beginning of surf, when it was these kids who [wore] pencil ties, really nice beautiful suits– things like that. But when they were in the water they were just surfers.”

And some people might say that it’s selling out to make a buck. I see it as survival of the fittest, adapting what we want out of life to the demands of our environment. I see it as another outlet to express our love of ride.

With that, I present to you, “Nomadic Skater.” Inspired by skate, my creative team and I imagined a society in a parallel world where skate is like walking, the board being almost an extension of the body. It’s populated by women who are simply just being.

These are portraits from that world.

Written by: Alice An
Photo’s by: Charlie Wan
Stylist: Anouk Beguery
Hair stylist: Yasutake Kosaka
Irsida Aliu from Direct Model Management NYC — Model

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~Western Civ visits Inspiration Vol. 3 at the Queen Mary~

Western Civ took a drive down to the LBC earlier this month to checkout the Inspiration Trade Show, hosted by our old friend Rin Tanaka. Originally Rin began the show at the Santa Monica Airport hangers. Last year he moved the event to Long Beach…Housed  within the Queen Mary.

The show brings together a rather eclectic group of collectors, artisans and Americana manufacturers from Japan, Italy, France, South America and of course the good ol’ U.S. of A. . Inspiration is three floors of Vintage collector items, re-issue military goods, New and vintage motorcycle, surf, skate and Hot Rod products. A big kids dream!!!

Western Civ trolled the 3 floors meeting new people who love to ride.. and caught up with old friends who share the same passion for the culture that we do. The images here are just a small percentage of the color and creativity we found at the show. Thank You Rin for inviting us down to partake in the festivities…


Photo’s by: Imani Lanier

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