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~Redbull Minidrome 4/26/2012 by Ukiah Pearson~

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~Pedal Mobbin Crew’s Official Team Video~

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Emortal Clothing and Rod have shared their Pedal Mobbin’ Crew team video with us…. Check out the local LA kids having some fun on two wheels.

See more Pedal Mobbin’ at: PedalMobbin’

Put on your headphones, crank up that volume, and get down with EMORTAL’s Pedal Mobbin Crew! This is what happens when streetwear meets fixed gear freestyle. L.A. based EMORTAL Clothing mobbed the streets of Los Angeles to document their trick team the Pedal Mobbin Crew. Their diversity, characters, enthusiasm, & persistence of the PM Crew are what inspire the brand to keep on going and never give up. It’s not about being the best or going the biggest. It’s about style, having fun, to be unique, being you, never giving up & doing what you love. The true meaning of being an Extraordinary MORTAL.
Pedal Mobbin Team: Dylan “Fish&Chips” Hurst-Lawley, Christian Ustarroz, Kendall Cooper, Yerson Varela, & Collin Cox

Pedal Mobbin Crew Manager- Malik Mack

Video Shot & Edited by RawdLikeSushi

Animation by Jacob Valentin

EMORTAL- Staying Sharp from L.A. to Tokyo since 1997!

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~Paul Smith for Harrods – Pop Up Bike Shop ~

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Fancy London retailer Harrods has teamed with fancy British designer Paul Smith for a two-month pop up cycling shop on the fifth floor of the renowned department store. Three products are featured: Rapha + Paul Smith jerseys, printed t-shirts and made-to-order bikes form Condor, Brompton, Merican and Paris. Paul Smith grew up cycling and raced at the Breeston Cycling Club, and inside the back pocket of each jersey you will find a picture from Paul along with a quote about cycling. Well-heeled cyclists rejoice. (psfk)

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~Jeff Yokoyama – InnerViews by

Jeff Yokoyama is a twenty-five year veteran designer and creative entrepreneur who has spent his entire career dreaming up and creating youth-focused clothing brands. In 1980, he created Maui & Sons and began selling it directly to local surfers and kids on beaches and in schools, changing the rules of the game immediately. The operation moved from the trunk of his car into a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. He has gone on to start various other brands including Pirate Surf, Modern Amusement, Generic Youth and Pidgin Orange as well as consulting for other top name brands such as Stussy and Quiksilver.
Jeff’s style has always been recognizable and his design talent has remained in high demand throughout the industry and throughout the years. Now, he continues to keep the creative juices flowing by make one-off clothes out of left over materials in his small shop in Orange County, Yokishop.
Check out Jeff’s Maker profile on Korduroy at
James Campbell
Connie Price & The Keystones
©2012 KorduroyTV

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~ Best Bike Rental (backstage) Commercial fragments of the best bike rental ever. by Stason bros.~

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~night sesh at a skatepark by Dmitri Shushuyev Media~

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I wanted to go filming for a long time already in the month of March and in the beginning of March, Johannes asked me if I would like to come round and film at the skatepark. Was stoked on that for sure, but on that day it didn’t happen though because a few workers did not come to stay over the night for us to mess about and have fun.
Despite that on Friday the 16th till the early hours of Saturday the 17th we went down there again.
Kusti drove me there and stayed over the night with us as well. Thank you bro, was good to have you there over the night for sure! Lots of fun )
Once we arrived, finished our burgers and went down to business: filming shred fest of a sesh! Eki (Erik Orgo) destroyed the park that night with clean and creative riding. Johannes and Taavi showed quite a few of tech tricks as well. Other riders, Erik, Silver, Sten and Sebastian also pulled some gnarly tricks and lines.
Filming lines is hard but once you get it filmed, it is so rewarding and looks radiculous. It’s always great to be among friends who are into the activities that you are stoked on as well.
Thank you Johannes for inviting me to film and to Evelin Järve for lending the card 😉
Hope you guys will enjoy this banger video!

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~About PG by PG Trade & Sales GmbH~

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~Huge Bike Jump into a Pond 35 feet in the air~

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~Matt Hoffman “Highest Air World Record”~

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