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~R.I.P. Adam Yauch — of The Beastie Boys Dies at 47~

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Adam Yauch, better known to some as MCA of the Brooklyn rap group The Beastie Boys, passed away today after a long battle with cancer, reports Mr. Yauch was a founding member of the group, along with Mike D (Michael Diamond), Mix Master Mike (Michael Schwartz), and Ad Roc(Adam Horovitz).

Mr. Yauch’s cancer was first diagnosed in 2009, with a tumor in his Parotid gland in his neck, and was reported in The New York Times after he created a video for his fans with the announcement. Mr. Yauch was also a noted film producer, gaining recognition with his company Oscilloscope Laboratories, which distributed such films as Burma VJ, about the uprisings in Myanmar.

He is survived by his wife and band-mates.

The Beastie Boys have to be one of my biggest inspirations growing up here in L.A. . Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Skateboarding and Art was encompassed by this group and spoke to a generation of kids trying to find an outlet. Thank You Adam for being a great influence on the culture and a great role model for the kids. R.I.P.

Imani Lanier Publisher WesternCiv Mag.

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~Kate Upton- Cat Daddy~

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This is CLASSICK!!!!

Kate Upton demonstrates the “Cat Daddy”.
directed by Terry Richardson

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~Jay Howell @ Secret Headquarters~

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Jay will be releasing a new zine at this opening.
It’s a 10 inch tall x 40 inch long foldout zine.
One side is the book pages from the show, and the other side is a really long Creep Club drawing.
Limited to 200 copies.
*There will be 21 new framed book pages available at the opening.
Come say hi and have a beer with me.
Street Dog will be there, so that’s pretty cool.

Checkout Jay’s amazing work below and visit his site’s for even more cool work: and

More: and

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~Found—The Art of Timothy J Lamb ~

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San Francisco, California artist Timothy J Lamb.

Introduction by the Artist: my alter ego TomLemb has been doing more artwork in recent years. who knows why or for what reason. it just kinda happens. on the other hand, Timothy J Lamb has been doing art his whole life. and here is a representation of the things that the two draw outside of work. all imagery copyright Tim Lamb.

Learn more@: timothyjlamb.blogspot

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Axiom Contemporary and Michael Torquato deNicola present
TORQUATO LOVES YOU BABY’s first solo exhibition
2801 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Torquato Loves You Baby, an exhibition of work by contemporary artist Torquato, presented by AXIOM
CONTEMPORARY celebrated its successful 3 week run with a reception to benefit Stoked Mentoring. The
exhibition, unveiled on March 23, 2012, has featured new works based on deNicola’s now unattainable
series from the 2012 Los Angeles Art Show.

This evolving collection, based on deNicola’s iconic ‘Torquato’ character, has created a cult following in
both the art and surfing world, and continues to inspire countless fans as deNicola develops ‘Torquato’s’

Described as an ‘action-hero’ by the artist, the Torquato emblem is a symbol of strength and love.
Inspired by the great graffiti artists of our time, as well as flavors of superstar contemporary artists Sam Francis and Jasper Johns, each individual work emotes a vibration of its own. Colors collide with
spontaneous moments of fluidity, juxtaposed with jagged carvings, like a fin through a foaming street
wave. Spraypaint, oil and ink breathe in and out. In the middle stands our hero, ever ready to conquer,
reassure, and embrace. Torquato loves you, baby…

Michael Torquato deNicola grew up making sense of the world through surfing and art. Born and raised in
Orange County, California, he has never lived far from the ocean. After starting surfing at the age of 12,he was on the US national team by age 19. A professional surfer, photographer, and award winning
documentary filmmaker, Michael rides the waves, and connects the dots in all forms. This is his first solo exhibition.

Limited edition shirts and commemorative posters will be available for purchase during Thursday evening’s closing reception. Proceeds of sales from both the show and apparel will go to Stoked Mentoring, an organization that promotes personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to underserved youth through action sports culture.








More Info @:

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~Suicidal Tendencies x ZacPac x Medicom Toy “Institutionalized” S”K”UM-kun Vinyl Toy~

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Available on Saturday, April 7 is the all-new Medicom Toy exclusive “Institutionalized” S”K”UM-kun Vinyl Toy from ZacPac. This is the reverse colorway of the Japan exclusive “Pure Evil” edition which was a fan favorite when it was released in late February. The “Institutionalized” features a new scaled down version of the original Suicidal Tendencies New Era Hat with TS logo on the back. This run is limited to only 50 pieces and will retail for $110 USD.

Source: Vinyl Pulse

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~Pedro Matos ” Heritage ” by Ivory & Black~

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Ivory & Black Soho proudly presents “Heritage”, a new exhibition by Pedro Matos, which embodies the artist’s much anticipated first solo exhibition in London. “Heritage” features a new series of oil paintings on canvas and one site-specific installation. Pedro Matos’ paintings feature a rich and complex layering consisting of different languages of painting, which combine texture, patterns, realistic figurative painting and text. Through this visual language, his work draws the viewer into a dialog surrounding the impermanence of social and cultural values. In the artist’s own words ” Through this exhibition I am trying to question my personal and cultural heritage, and how these values and conditions evolve and change over time in our society..”. Inspired by the french philosopher Michel Foucault’s work, subject to his paintings and explorations are the themes/concepts of Knowledge, Power, History, Sexuality, Discourse, Episteme and Impermanence. The exhibition will also comprise the release of a limited edition artist’s book of Pedro Matos’ work and life.
Pedro Matos is an Artist and Curator born in Santarém, Portugal in 1989. Influenced by the sub-cultures of Graffiti and Skateboarding he was immersed in, Pedro started painting at the age of 16 in Lisbon where he attended studies at both the Faculty of Fine Art – University of Lisbon, Ar.Co Art Centre , and later decided not to complete his academic education. After completing a painting course at Central Saint Martins, Pedro went on to pursue his career in London, where he currently lives and works. His work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and museums across the world, such as the University of Arizona’s Museum of Modern Art, Philips de Pury in London, White Walls gallery in San Francisco and Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Pedro Matos also works as a curator and was responsible for shows in Lisbon, London, Atlanta and Miami, having also recently co-founded Ivory&Black Soho in London.
Video directed by João Retorta
Ivory & Black Soho is a new gallery dedicated to New Contemporary Art, located on 94 Berwick Street in the heart of London’s Soho. Founded in 2011 by Pedro Matos and Rui Da Paz Louro – Ivory & Black shows the most exciting artists working today, such as Andrew Schoultz, Cleon Peterson, Cheryl Dunn, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton, Geoff McFetridge, James Jean, Pedro Matos, Richard Colman, Ryan Travis Christian, Skullphone and Wes Lang.
April 27 – June 9, 2012
Opening Reception with the artist: Friday, April 27, 6 – 9 pm
Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 12 – 8 pm
Ivory & Black Soho
94 Berwick Street, W1F0QB London, UK
+44 (0) 7554002182

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The Art of Nonconformity: Steve Olson’s new gallery opening Hangin’

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Ever walked into an art show that challenged your intellectual, analytical and productive mind? Steve Olson’s art does just that. When you see it for the first time, it creates images of subtle forces that question the constraints of creative potential, meaningful work, unlocking untapped resources and breaking away from traditional everyday hierarchies.

As I walked into Hangin’, Olson’s new short-run art exhibition at Known Gallery in Los Angeles, I was immediately inhabited by the inquisitions and ingenuity of his talent, transformations, personal forces, powerful motivation and instincts with personal courage for risk-taking. As I studied each art piece in the gallery that was filled beyond capacity, I tried to comprehend the far thinking greatness of each piece. His latest artwork struck me as deeply influential and does empower, impact and create results that each buyer desires through basic rational, individual reflections, striking within each individual a connectedness making sense of each situation. He’s harnessed an invisible force within himself that influences his prolific inner talents which leads him to create art that has never been done his way.

At the same time, he possesses the great essence of human potential that captures his sensitivity and vision. It drives him with the individualism to be a nonconformist. And he’s continually pushing beyond the now and creating unusual, thought-provoking ideas.

Photos — imani lanier

Story — Western Civ Team

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~Porsche 956 by Peter Hutton~

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~Western Civ visits Inspiration Vol. 3 at the Queen Mary~

Western Civ took a drive down to the LBC earlier this month to checkout the Inspiration Trade Show, hosted by our old friend Rin Tanaka. Originally Rin began the show at the Santa Monica Airport hangers. Last year he moved the event to Long Beach…Housed  within the Queen Mary.

The show brings together a rather eclectic group of collectors, artisans and Americana manufacturers from Japan, Italy, France, South America and of course the good ol’ U.S. of A. . Inspiration is three floors of Vintage collector items, re-issue military goods, New and vintage motorcycle, surf, skate and Hot Rod products. A big kids dream!!!

Western Civ trolled the 3 floors meeting new people who love to ride.. and caught up with old friends who share the same passion for the culture that we do. The images here are just a small percentage of the color and creativity we found at the show. Thank You Rin for inviting us down to partake in the festivities…


Photo’s by: Imani Lanier

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