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~Pedal Mobbin Crew’s Official Team Video~

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Emortal Clothing and Rod have shared their Pedal Mobbin’ Crew team video with us…. Check out the local LA kids having some fun on two wheels.

See more Pedal Mobbin’ at: PedalMobbin’

Put on your headphones, crank up that volume, and get down with EMORTAL’s Pedal Mobbin Crew! This is what happens when streetwear meets fixed gear freestyle. L.A. based EMORTAL Clothing mobbed the streets of Los Angeles to document their trick team the Pedal Mobbin Crew. Their diversity, characters, enthusiasm, & persistence of the PM Crew are what inspire the brand to keep on going and never give up. It’s not about being the best or going the biggest. It’s about style, having fun, to be unique, being you, never giving up & doing what you love. The true meaning of being an Extraordinary MORTAL.
Pedal Mobbin Team: Dylan “Fish&Chips” Hurst-Lawley, Christian Ustarroz, Kendall Cooper, Yerson Varela, & Collin Cox

Pedal Mobbin Crew Manager- Malik Mack

Video Shot & Edited by RawdLikeSushi

Animation by Jacob Valentin

EMORTAL- Staying Sharp from L.A. to Tokyo since 1997!

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