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~night sesh at a skatepark by Dmitri Shushuyev Media~

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I wanted to go filming for a long time already in the month of March and in the beginning of March, Johannes asked me if I would like to come round and film at the skatepark. Was stoked on that for sure, but on that day it didn’t happen though because a few workers did not come to stay over the night for us to mess about and have fun.
Despite that on Friday the 16th till the early hours of Saturday the 17th we went down there again.
Kusti drove me there and stayed over the night with us as well. Thank you bro, was good to have you there over the night for sure! Lots of fun )
Once we arrived, finished our burgers and went down to business: filming shred fest of a sesh! Eki (Erik Orgo) destroyed the park that night with clean and creative riding. Johannes and Taavi showed quite a few of tech tricks as well. Other riders, Erik, Silver, Sten and Sebastian also pulled some gnarly tricks and lines.
Filming lines is hard but once you get it filmed, it is so rewarding and looks radiculous. It’s always great to be among friends who are into the activities that you are stoked on as well.
Thank you Johannes for inviting me to film and to Evelin Järve for lending the card 😉
Hope you guys will enjoy this banger video!

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