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~NYC’s Nomadic Skater by Alice An~

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Someone I knew once said “You know you have made your mark when they make fun of you on Saturday Night Live.”

It’s true, when something flies seemingly from the fringes of obscurity into the spotlight and becomes entrenched in the popular consciousness; so much so that it molecules of it begin to meld with the mainstream, pieces of it become integrated into the everyday. It becomes part of the language that we all speak.

This is true of style, of fashion. It’s true, the dominant mode of dress for people who live the culture comes from a visual language that was formed in Los Angeles and Hawaii. But here on the East Coast, a variation on that language exists as we have evolved our own point of view on free living.

What was born from this new language is what you might see on fashion icons and on runways. I mean… did Michael Jackson really ride motorcycles? And yet, when you think of him at the height of his glory, what is he wearing?

I think this was best expressed by our friend Josh Rosen of Saturdays NYC in a recent interview I did.

He said:

“Because we are in New York, and because we are New York kids, we had to gear our clothing and our everything towards more of what we are into, which is maybe a little bit more modern– not modern but more progressive fashion-wise. We don’t wear the traditional surf gear, so the clothing has to represent our aesthetic, the way we dress, and as we design our clothing, as we build our brand we always keep that in mind. What we [at Saturdays] take from surfing is really more the 50’s, 60’s style. Which is a little cleaner, [comprised of] tighter silhouettes, just a generally more sophisticated feeling. Like right at the kind of beginning of surf, when it was these kids who [wore] pencil ties, really nice beautiful suits– things like that. But when they were in the water they were just surfers.”

And some people might say that it’s selling out to make a buck. I see it as survival of the fittest, adapting what we want out of life to the demands of our environment. I see it as another outlet to express our love of ride.

With that, I present to you, “Nomadic Skater.” Inspired by skate, my creative team and I imagined a society in a parallel world where skate is like walking, the board being almost an extension of the body. It’s populated by women who are simply just being.

These are portraits from that world.

Written by: Alice An
Photo’s by: Charlie Wan
Stylist: Anouk Beguery
Hair stylist: Yasutake Kosaka
Irsida Aliu from Direct Model Management NYC — Model

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