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~Quicksilver’s 585 Boardriders in Venice~

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The new 585 Boardriders shop in Venice ( Located at 585 North Venice Blvd ) is a great example of where “Ride Culture” is headed these days. The Quicksilver owned and operated retail experience showcases a gallery space that currently is exhibiting the photography of Venice Local Ken Block. The space is split into a ride specific experience with sections dedicated to Surf, Skate, Fixed gear bicycles, apparel and shoes.

It is a wide open space that previously was Sammy’s Camera west. The space is beautifully designed with a lot of natural lighting, plants, colorful ride inspired product throughout, a screening area for ride inspired film debuts, A small skate session area for the locals to enjoy and a beautiful mural on the side of the building inspired by local artist.

If you have a chance stop by and say hello… The staff is friendly and really define the culture.

Photo’s and story by : Imani Lanier

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