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~RIME & TheSeventhLetter for ZOOYORK Skate Decks~

Written by on 19th January 2012 in Art, Product, Skate, Skateboarding with Leave a comment

After viewing a preliminary video yesterday, we get a better look at exactly what the collaboration between RIME, TheSeventhLetter and ZOO YORK is all about. Paying homage to ZOO YORK’s graffiti roots, this series showcases pieces by one of the true masters in the form of seven pro model skateboard decks. Crafted for the likes of Zered Bassett, Brandon Westgate, Aaron Suski, Chaz Ortiz, Eli Reed, Forrest Kirby and Ron Deily, the finished product showcases RIME’s signature bold lettering paired with his now iconic characters.

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